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What's unique about Violeta?

Violeta is a micro-school offering a bilingual and authentic Montessori program for children from 2 years and 9 months to 6 years. In our beautiful and peaceful space, children build the foundation for their independence, self-discipline, and love of learning. 


Our decisions are made with the benefit and the happiness of the child as a priority. Our goal is to support and nurture the whole development of each and every child in our school. 


Bilingual Education

Bilingual education provides children with more than an extra tool for their social, cultural, and professional life in the future. Bilingualism contributes to their cognitive and emotional development, through strengthening executive functions. During the First Plane of Development (from birth to six), children have the potential to acquire as many languages as available in their environment! Not only will the child absorb the language naturally during this period but the knowledge acquired will become a solid and permanent base for future learning.

In our Montessori work cycles, an English-speaking teacher and a Spanish-speaking teacher are always present with the children. The children learn the second language naturally supported by the concrete, hands-on materials in the Montessori environment. When starting in our program, some children come already speaking the two languages, some speak one, and some don't speak any! Being exposed to both languages on daily basis in our strong bilingual program helps each child absorb both languages as much as possible and at their own pace. Most children are able to translate seamlessly between the two languages at some point along the way of our 3-year program.


Montessori Education

1. Independence & Self-Discipline

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist."

Dr. Maria Montessori


The Wildflower Network

Violeta is a Wildflower School!

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“If you want to make a living flower, you don’t build it physically, with tweezers, cell by cell. You grow it from the seed. The hinges of a simple scientific proposition: the great complexity of an organic system, which is essential to its life, cannot from above directly; it can only be generated indirectly.”  

Christopher Alexander

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